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Lincoln Poker Room, Grand Rapids, MI. 43 likes. TOURNAMENTS:(starting at 7 p.m.) Monday: $30 MNF Splash Pot Tuesday: $30 Deep-Stack Wendesday: $35 Total Freezeout Thursday: $40 Followers: Oct 22,  · Michigan residents are blessed with the availability of more than 15 poker rooms. The state’s poker action can be roughly summarized as being divided into three concentrations, with pockets of play in the Upper Peninsula, Lower Peninsula, and city of Detroit. Jul 25,  · Grand Rapids is within an hour of firekeepers i think. Definitely a fantastic poker room with great tournaments as well as 1/2 and 2/5 nl, with at least 1/2 running 24/7 (more of a tournament player, so not sure about min-max, action, rake, etc.).

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For the best experience, please upgrade your browser. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Being a non-regular it is hard to tell who works there, who the charity people are or who is the floor manager. Accessibility help. Toggle navigation pokergrandrapids.

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The casino employees a handful of GRCC alma maters in their security and hospitality departments, but this is the first opportunity connecting those students to the casino floor. Along with paying for all other class expenses, the casino is giving students a chance to work at the casino with a base pay and tips. The next class start in January of You are commenting using your WordPress.

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This table is a full 98 inches making it the only full size poker tables available for rent in Louisville, Kentucky. This table can comfortably fit up to 10 adult players plus a Dealer position. This is the exact same felt that is utilized in actual casinos. Two cards, known as the hole cards or hold cards, are dealt face down to each player.

Each player seeks the best five card poker hand from the combination of the community cards and their own hole cards. Rounds of betting take place before the flop is dealt, and after each subsequent deal.

The game is divided into a series of hands deals ; at the conclusion of each hand, the pot is typically awarded to one player an exception in which the pot is divided between two or more is discussed below.

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The objective of winning players is not to win every individual hand, but rather to make mathematically and psychologically better decisions regarding when and how much to bet, raise, call—or fold. By making such decisions to place influential bets, one can non-verbally represent or suggest holding or not-holding a certain or possible hand by either betting or not-betting pre-flop, and by venturing smaller or larger bets or raises at possibly more advantageous times, throughout the stages of the hand being dealt.

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Please feel free to browse through any of the poker table photos below. If you have found the site useful and have built a poker table of your own using our free poker table plans, any other poker table pictures found on the site, or any other useful information that you found here, please also consider sharing your photos to help other builders, brag about your table, show off, or whatever other reason you may have.

You can also comment on any of the current poker tables featured on the site. Asking builders a direct question, however, is best done in the forum. Thank You. This is my first table All materials were purchased from BYOPT except wood and tools Everything arrived as expected and in perfect condition Shipping was admirably fast What went well - as the table will be in a basement I sealed everything to protect against temperature and moisture fluctuations - I added cork pads in the cup holders to absorb condensation - I wrapped the OD of the cup holders for a tight interference fit no rattling - I m glad I didn t plunge cut the cut between the track and playing surface with a circular saw I did all Read More.

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This table took me about hours to build over a two week span completely by myself I used the Oval Table plans from this site and modified the rail to accept the inch jumbo cup holders I also ordered the Premium Poker Table Kit from this site and upgraded to the volara playing surface foam and the lb rail foam Couldn't be happier with both choices All in this table cost me about One thing we discovered after the fact is that this table is huge I assumed most tables were x ' but no way It's built to go on This table design matches my tournament chip set old Nexgens with custom labels Made from a sublimation poker cloth whisper vinyl and volara foam The lighted section uses plexiglass strips glued together and covered with brushed vinyl that my wife cut on her cricket with my design Heavy duty gorilla legs with remote controlled LEDs hooked to a rechargable battery pack stashed underneath I built the rail in two separate parts vinyl and lighted sections Next time I would simply mainstream it into one covered section but I was making design tweaks as I built it so it ended up being This is my second build using quality supplies once again from buildyourownpokertables Table took about hours to build The rail kit playing surface and cups are all from the premium package here These weren t my original choice of legs but they were all out of stock here They still look great Project uses sheets of plywood to give it a raised rail to fit the custom laser cut suited trimming under I used the plans from this site for the raised rail table and just added some height It turned out beautifully Thanks again to builyourownpokertables for the great products This project was fun educational and turned out fantastic I've done a small bit of woodworking but I have never dipped my hand into upholstery Overall my father and I spent probably - hours working on this table I ordered the vinyl speed cloth cup holders and foam from this site and I couldn't be happier with the quality And thanks to everyone for submitting their pictures it helped with the material selection and the building process Suggestions and things I learned -Grab a cheap metal meter stick and drill holes for making the arcs This made that process much simpler I thought I would give this project a whirl when I ran upon the BYOPT website while surfing in Pinterest I had an old kitchen table in my basement that I was getting ready to throw away and thought it might be fun to transform it into a poker table for my son who likes to host poker night when he is home from college I think it s important to tell you that I am a single mom who has NEVER done any wood working before I did this entire project on my own so don t be deterred if This table was my second creation Turned out a fair sight better than my first one Now I'm looking at building my own Third time's a charm and that would be it I really like the color combination on this one I built for Kevin It also goes well with the room he keeps it in This table is played on regularly and still looks brand new Even with my buddy Phil leaving greasy pizza marks it came right off with some soap and water The waterproof speedcloth is great for that reason alone I used the regular thickness padding etc For my racetrack table I used Linoleum for the racetrack instead of finishing the plywood I used a vinyl welding rod to trim the edge of the playing surface to give a cleaner look at the transition It was tough to make perfect cuts up against the playing surface so the addition of the vinyl rod really cleaned it up I was very happy with the materials and the instructions I did upgrade the fabric cup holders padding etc Basically upgraded everything that could be upgraded well worth the extra dollars for the upgrades I used an old table base that This was both of our first time with any sort of wood work Ordered our foam for the playing surface the rail and the table fabric from this website great customer service and great products our vinyl we got from Joanns We followed the raised poker table steps all the way up to raising the rail then we took our own route and started impervising and about trips to Home Depot The inside and outside is nailed with white hardboard then we got black vinyl edging from the flooring department at Home Depot and used vinyl adheasive to glue it onto I saw this site and watched the video and decided Yea I can do that It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be but the uniqueness of my design didn't help me much I decided to combine a double heighted raised rail with a racetrack design Then I combined this design with the dimensions of a hockey rink but shortened it from a person table to an person table I still have to cut the holes for the Brass cup holders I bought and put the legs on it But for now I plan on setting it on the I do a little bit of wood working I currently make Cornhole and Washer boxes and do several of these We have a group of guys that get together - times a month to play cards and I have not been able to host as I did not have a big enough table for playing on We usually have between - guys I had been looking for a table but had not seen anything I liked Came across a kit on Amazon and saw it was from BYOPT so I researched this site I want to give credit to the very By looking at the many different builds posted on BYOPT and the basic instructions on their oval table we were able to piece together a pretty nice one I also got some good pointers from Dapper Dan s Poker table website These are just a few modifications to those plans that might be helpful Thanks to all of the earlier builders and to BYOPT who is a genuine first class company to deal with They not only have a time and money saving table kit with top notch material they are super friendly and obliging to work around your needs Personalized This is my unfinished table so far When I began I wanted to make a table like the kind I've played on at casinos One where the cup holders are actually in the rail This table is a raised rail poker table with a full playing surface cup holders in the rail and a padded dealer station I wasn't a fan of the racetrack tables for a few reasons but the key was b c i didn't like the cup holders basically on the playing surface I ordered all the poker table supplies from here which included blackberry suited speed cloth As promised I've created a knockoff of http www buildyourownpokertables com dave-s-lighted-racetrack-table-with-lighted-legs It's got RGB LEDs it's got a raised rail and it's got a speedcloth racetrack It seems like nobody really wants a cloth racetrack because there's a huge sag in the table surface at the point where you cross from the racetrack to the playing surface So I made one that didn't do that The white stuff is mm plasticard which stands up nicely and sits flush with the top of the foam giving a perfectly smooth crossover from one surface to the other Cards fly right over without This is the very first thing I've ever built from scratch on my own I did a lot of research before I started and I couldn't be more pleased with the results I learned a lot and the next one I build there will be no surprises and it'll be even better I bought all of the foam vinyl cup holders and speed cloth from this site I bought the top of the line option for everything hopefully the materials will last a long time I checked different sites and this is the best place to purchase your materials I placed So I'm not really a craftsman but I really liked the idea of building my own poker table After looking at all the pictures of everybody's tables I finally picked a theme that I really liked I ordered most of the basics from BYOPT and picked up the rest at Menards Project took me about hours total It was a learning experience First off buy the hole cutter I cut all the holes by a jigsaw and although it worked it took forever Secondly I murdered the straight cut with the skillsaw I wish I would've just used the jigsaw as Thanks so much to BYOPT for making my table build very successful I followed the free instructions for the lighted rail table and bought most of the top notch materials from BYOPT Materials used Midnight blue speed cloth rogue rawhide vinyl closed foam for playing surface high density foam for rails stainless jumbo slide under cup holders blue waterproof VAC LED light strip My dining room isnt huge so i cut ovals to i also mounted cup holders instead of which i simply drilled the slide under style and mounted to bottom rail which turned out perfect everybody LOVES my table Racetrack table with black vinyl oak top stained cherry with emerald green playing surface This was my first time building a poker table For the racetrack I used four coats of Minwax Cherry stain and coats of water-based Varathane satin polyurethane finish I chose satin because I wanted the wood to look more natural and avoid excessive fingerprints from showing up I recommend using nice brushes for staining and finishing Purdy makes very nice brushes I used an all natural white bristle brush for my stain and a Syntax nylon brush for my finish Both are worth the investment for future I chose the racetrack table primarily because I liked the look of the table but I also wanted to have a table that would ensure that all players had a lot of room to play All told I have spent a little over for the poker table kit the wood extras and tools I chose all upgrades such as the satin playing fabric and thicker foam for the surface and railing I received my package four days my order was replaced I followed the steps with some minor exceptions for example I placed a small piece of playing surface fabric on This was my first attempt at a poker table Well make that my first attempt at a wood working project in general This is the first of my demo units before I start really producing them for locals Veneers used were Rosewood Burl Maple Burl and Quilted Maple Trim is Ebony Maple Rosewood veneers Keep in mind I built this having no previous knowledge and no tools to start so it was an exercise in patience and persistence This was built with a starter kit from BYOPT big thanks to them for putting these together The racetrack received coats of Polycrylic I got two sheet of maple plywood from home depot miraculously made it without damage strapped to the top of an old Rav- Purchased a cheap jig saw and circular saw and went at it The cuts came out pretty good then applied General Finishes Java Gel Stain to the racetrack Once that dried I put on a coat of Parks Super Glaze epoxy resin for that nice glassy finish Unfortunately while curing a mosquito decided it wanted a seat at my table So after I dug him out I applied a second coat of epoxy this time in my kitchen This table was a weekend father son project First off- the products they sent were outstanding and I am extremely happy with the supplies I recommend them by all means We buit the raised railed light race track poker table The table weighs a lot so we placed four folding table legs However if doing this plan where we combined all three do not cut the outside inch cut from the racetrack playing surface piece instead keep that together because theres no reason to disconnect that inch perimeter when its going to be reattached To add lights just take a jig I've been doing woodwork for a long time but this was my first poker table This was my first taste of upholstering and it wasn't too bad I used maple for the playing surface and rail with a dark Kona stain The rail has padding and is covered with lizard skin vinyl which was very stiff and difficult to stretch the wrinkles out of Once the skin grows back on my thumbs I plan on trying to get some more of the wrinkles out - I used a neat little trick to get the pistols and bull head finished in there I am a novice DIYer I stumbled upon this site looking at videos on YouTube on how to build a poker table I think the table came out well but I definitely learned some stuff First I used plywood birch for the rail MDF for the base The table is very heavy I wish my local store had and I wonder if I should use next time I build one I would probably still use birch but the MDF was very heavy and so much more difficult to staple to Second I didn't take enough time to pull the playing surface This is the first time I have built anything with these materials This was a project me and my father did together and was a lot of fun spending time with him on this build Before anything else I want to mention the exceptional customer service The speed cloth I ordered had a small defect I sent pictures of the area and was sent new cloth within a couple days and was not charged shipping again The plans are very easy to follow and more importantly understand I opted for the upgraded materials and highly recommend them as they were easy Made this table for my peers here in Italy so that we could enjoy each other's company while being away from the states First time building a poker table amp it took a while but it was fun to build BYOPT hooked me up with some awesome supplies amp made it worth while Obtaining the other items i e plywood jigsaw was a little more expensive than expected because of our location They don't sell plywood like we do at Lowe's or Home Depot I had to get it custom cut and it costed Euro approx per sheet of wood Way This table was a joint gift I made for our th wedding anniversary - I worked on it every weekend for months and finished with about a month to go Before this I hadn't done any wood projects in around years It turned out beautifully The vinyl suited speed cloth brass cupholders and all foam were in a kit from BYOPT I'm very happy we got the better vinyl and cupholders - they are beautiful together they really improve the overall quality of the finished table The pedestals legs and stretcher are from www fcipoker com and finished in mission oak I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I am involved in the kink community in Las Vegas so I thought I'd do something a little different for my first poker table I had an old cage that we used to use for photo shoots and other fun I decided to repurpose it by making it the legs of the table This way some of the kinkier of our friends could be under the table while a game is going on Of course this lends itself to so many other things but this is a family site so I was going to buy a table but after reading the easy to follow step by step instructions I figured my brother and I could easily build one Its a foot table with an oak race track stainless jumbo cup holders Buckskin rail and Polo green speed cloth Everything was purchased here and I was very happy with the quality It has a few minor flaws but overall it came out awesome Pictures dont do it justice Brass cup holders wouldve looked great but to keep cost down I went with stainless That's my only regret Thanks for the quality products This is a table we sent over to the the th Transportation Company serving in Iraq though our Tables for Troops program.

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We included a few before and after photos so you could see the upgrade. For more information on the Tables for Troops program or to help us send more supplies to units like this, please visit: Tables for Troops.

I've really been wanting to host a weekly poker game at my house but didn't want to just use a fold out table topper I ran across this site and decided to just tackle the job of making one myself I chose the premium kit with black rogue vinyl black speed cloth and black jumbo cupholders I had to order a hole saw from Amazon for these cupholders as I couldn't find one this size elsewhere I used birch plywood and stained with minwax cherry I finished off the racetrack with coats of minwax spray on clear gloss lacquer which came This is the second table I've built my first was several years ago Since we never use a designated dealer and for the novelty I decided to build a new seven sided table I made several modifications to a set of plans for an eight sided table I found on line Most obvious is the modification from an octagon to a heptagon and I also fabricated my own pedestal The table is wide and offers of space per player another advantage of a seven sided table The top is easily removable by only four hex screw which makes it easily transportable I bought the ' Upgraded kit and I'm glad I did This is the second table I've built The first I tried with materials from local fabric stores and the quality wasn't as good as what I bought on this site It cost more too I built a x table to fit in the basement I had extra foam for the padded rail so I doubled it up Put the cut pieces underneath and then the solid piece on top It's so cush The only problem was stretching the vinyl It was pretty tight on the sides I used Oak for I was using a topper for my home games but after finding your web site I decided my man cave was deserving of an upgrade so I had to make my own table and BYOPT was a one stop shop This was the first table that I built and I used birch for the racetrack amp playing surface and plywood for the rail and base I gave my table a Vegas look by inlaying different casino chips with matching casino cards in the racetrack and then an epoxy pour over the racetrack I added a programmable LED light strip with possible I kept with the Vegas theme and did the same inlay on the racetrack and added some card suits in-between the brass cup holders.



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